Welcome Home

It’s been a while, I know. I haven’t updated in a month, and I have more excuses for that than I’d like to admit.

Starting up my last year of undergrad has been hectic and unbelievably fast paced. That being said, I don’t hate being busy. Some amazing things are happening in my life, and I am thankful for all of them, despite how stressful they are at the moment. They are all working toward something bigger than anything I could imagine. It’s times like these I remember that I’m not the one in control – and thank goodness for that.

One of the things that began my role as a busy-bee was moving into a new apartment. It’s funny what you can find out about yourself when you’re surrounded by boxes and bags overflowing with your things. How do you even begin to fill the completely empty room that stands before you? “Daunting” is an understatement.

So how did I take all of this…

…and turn it into something I could call home?

Well, it took some tears, a few unnecessarily dramatic moments of frustration with my (seriously helpful) family, and a lot of alone time to fix up what I am very proud to call my bedroom.

Now, these pictures show only a few elements I put together in my new room, but they are some of my favorites. I also have a lovely twin bed with black and white floral sheets, a fantastic desk that is shaped like a ladder, a bookshelf for all the books I plan on reading at some point, and a framed map of Aix-en-Provence, France. Oh, and plenty of owls, of course.

I’ve moved around so much in the past four years to different buildings, different countries, back and forth between different towns – but I am here to stay for at least a little while longer than I have everywhere else. And that is such a comforting feeling.

Fall is making its way to this college town, slowly but surely. I love thinking about sweaters, hot chocolate, scarves, and the leaves changing colors. I’m so thankful to experience it while having a place to call home, wonderful friends, and incredible opportunities all around me.

“Love begins at home.” – Mother Teresa


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