A Brief Recap: “Last Semester of College” Edition

So how did I wrap up my last semester of college? Well…

I spent a week in New York City with a fabulous group of people serving communities throughout the different boroughs.

NYC spring breakMy sweet friend, Rachel, got engaged and asked me to be one of her bridesmaids. Lauren, Becki, and I threw her a bridal shower that all Pinterest addicts would envy.

Rachel bridal shower

Due to my running injury that I wrote about in my last post, I was unfortunately not able to participate in the half marathon. My awesome friends made a little popsicle stick version of me, though, and James (last guy on the right) ran the entire 13.1 miles with me!

DC half marathon

I took up yoga, which I am learning to love just as much as I love to run.


RUF’s Spring Banquet 2013 was my last hoorah as Event Coordinator for the organization, and I feel so blessed to have had the experience. My lovely assistant, Grace, along with a wonderful group of girls, helped me plan and pull off “An Evening in France.”

RUF spring banquet

I wrote and turned in the last English paper of my undergraduate career. Definitely bittersweet.

Last paper

I turned the “happy, free, confused, and lonely in the best way” age of 22. (Sorry — had to make that Taylor Swift reference.)

22 birthday

Two days later, I GRADUATED!


This transition out of life as a student is exciting, but also a great challenge. (If you would like to read my thoughts in more detail, read my senior column that I wrote for Onward State.) And now summer is upon us. The past few days have certainly been an indicator of the season with the sweltering heat and today’s impending thunderstorm. I am thankful to spend these next few months at home with my family before I move back to good ol’ central Pennsylvania at the end of August.

Now that school is no longer an excuse for not writing, I hope to update this blog more often. I hope you’ll follow along!

One thought on “A Brief Recap: “Last Semester of College” Edition

  1. Great writing…made me feel like I was there. Best wishes for continued success in your next venture in life :-)
    Penny Lade Carr, Loganville, GA long time “cuz” of the one we called Susie Q and the sweetie we call “Aunt Esther”

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