London Calling: Part One

Just over three weeks ago, my mom, sister, and I hopped on a plane and flew acrossplane to London the pond to the bustling city of London. Both my mom and I had experienced traveling there before, but Kathryn had not yet had the pleasure, and being the tea-drinking, fascinated-by-all-things-British Whovian that she is, she was in for it.

Now, if you’ve ever been to London and hitched a ride on the tube, you know that from time to time, certain lines or stations close for various (inconvenient) reasons. But after a 9-hour redeye on which you experienced your worst turbulence to date and very little sleep, you tend to forget things like, “Oh, maybe we should check the Piccadilly Line and make sure we can get to where we need to go.”

Turns out, Arsenal was playing Liverpool in a football game that day. And let me tell you: that game is a big deal. Pretty sure everyone and their mother was on the tube that morning, and they all needed to get off at the stop after ours. But ours was closed.

easterSo, with our large suitcases and carry-ons in tow, we made our way off the tube, upstairs, and through the station with a mass of people. Not to mention, we had no clue where we had ended up and no cell service to contact our friends who were picking us up.

Welcome to London, right??

The story has a happy ending – we made it to our destination (shout out to the kindhearted employees of that Mediterranean restaurant who let us use their phone and eat their yummy food). And the rest of the trip was fantastic.

After a crazy day of travel, attempting to fight jet lag, and (mostly) sleeping through the night, our first full day was actually Easter Sunday. We had the opportunity to go to our friends’ church in East London and celebrate Jesus’ resurrection. He is risen, indeed.

After church, our friend, Cerys, took Kathryn and me on a tour of two of London’s markets: Brick Lane and Old Spitalfields. Browsing markets is one of my favorite things to do when I travel, and these two did not disappoint.

Here are some photos from day one:

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Stay tuned for more about our trip to London…

big ben

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