A Glimpse at the New Place

Same furniture, new apartment. Our closet is smaller, but our living room is bigger. We can hear more street traffic, but we can see the sky turn every shade of sunset and watch the fireworks from the baseball stadium from our bedroom window.

Things felt put together once we cooked our first meal in the new kitchen (tacos, obviously) and hung the photos and art on the walls.

Yesterday, I took a few photos of some details that I thought showed how lived-in this place already feels. So I’ll share those with you here –

Hanging above the bed. Giant M from HobbyLobby, photostrips from Social Print Studio (use my referral code for a $5 discount)
Amazing Winston wall art from our amazing Winston friends (we miss you!!)
Gallery wall in our living room.
The entire wall that faces the outside is exposed brick painted white. I love it so much. This building used to be a tobacco warehouse, so we are reaping the benefits of its history.
We bought used fruit crates from a local produce shop to use for storage.
And this is where I spend most of the day. #gradschoollife

I’m sure we will change things around more than a couple times before our lease is up, but here we are, making this unfamiliar space feel more familiar every day.

There is so much in this city to see and do, and we’ve barely scratched the surface. Hopefully, now that we are feeling more settled, we can continue the exploration.

Thanks to all who have prayed for us and encouraged us during this transition. We are so grateful for what an amazing support system God has given to us, one that spans the country.

So, on that note, here’s to new breakfast spots and coffee shops, to all the people we have yet to meet and all the ones we already know, to a new city to add to our ever-growing list of beloved places we’ve called home. :)

4 thoughts on “A Glimpse at the New Place

  1. oh Hannah, I love all your creative deco……..this is so you and Nate. May the LORD bless you both in this ‘New Place’ with his love and guidance and great care!!!!
    Give Watson and snuggle for me.

  2. Love love love love love love! I’m thinking an in-person visit will have to wait until Christmas time, but I’m so happy to have this glimpse into your new life in Lancaster!!! Your photography skills just keep getting better, girlfriend

  3. Can you believe I have not responded to your glimpse into your new place! You have a nesting ability for sure! I love your creative decorating skills and the way you share it with us. I’m sitting here with Sugar, Sonny, and Moxie at 4 in the morning and catching up with ancient emails. Sugar is not well and wakes me up every night. We all get up and have a snack ( I sneak a pain pill in Sugar’s) and then visit for awhile! Look forward to seeing you at Christmas and seeing how beautiful you must be as a soon-to be mother!! Love you and Nate so much and am proud of your plans for the future! Love, Grandmama Lane

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