Oh, My Sweet Carolina: One Year Later

33 weeks ago (according to Instagram), I wrote the following: Little did I know, nor did I realize right away, that the words, “It’s good to be home,” would be attached to this place. …And yet, here we are, answering with love to the question, “How do you like Winston-Salem?” I am thankful for each… Continue reading Oh, My Sweet Carolina: One Year Later

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Lately: “What I’m Into” Edition

True confessions: I love awards season. I really do. Now, this makes absolutely no sense to Nate because to him, anything having to do with awards shows = the boringest of the boring and the annoyingest of the annoying. But whatever, no backing out now cuz #marriage, so occasionally he will humor me and watch with me while I… Continue reading Lately: “What I’m Into” Edition